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What is your fitness goal?

Most of people living in sedentary lifestyle which means involving llittle or no physical activity while engaged in doing more sitting or lying activity such as using moblie phone or computer, watching television, playing video games or reading and office work…

According to the physical activity guidelines adults should participate in structured physical activity at a moderate intensity for at least 150 minutes per week or a vigorous intensity for at least 75 minutes per week to experience the health benefits associated with regular exercise.

A lack of physical activity can contribute to or be a risk factor for many diseases like depression, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, osteoporosis… just some examples.

If you don’t do any exercise neither walking it is time to set your fitness goal, to make a decision, choose healthy, active lifestyle and take an action.



Fitness goal is a realistic goal you set for yourself to achieve within a time frame. Yes it has to be your goal, not others, live your own life!

ASK yourself

photo: ziafitlife

Are you happy and satisfied how you live, with your health?

If yes, big congratulations, live your life and enjoy it.

If you hesitate or say no, read below:

What would you like to achieve?

How would you want to live your life?

Would you like to get fit or keep fit?

Would you like to be more energetic?

Would you like to sleep better?

Would you like to be more calm?

Would you like to have toned muscles?

Would you like to loose weight?...etc

When you know what you want

ASK yourself

What should I do to achieve it?

What is the next step should I take?

Do I need professional to support, help me?

Who can help me druing this fitness journey?

Who can be a huge contribution to change my life, lifestyle?

Maybe you cannot answer immediately for these questions, do not rush, be patient, you will get all answers and have a clear action plan what to do.

photo: ziafitlife

Fitness goals examples:

  • Do outdoor activity every week to reduce stress

  • Try new workout routine every month

  • Walking 8 miles 2 times per week

  • Increase your flexibility within 3 months

  • Integrate into your life 2 resistant training twice a week

  • Train with friend, buddy once a week

  • Participate in group classes twice every week

  • Prepare for half maraton within 6 months

  • Change eating habits within 2 months

  • Get out of your comfortzone-do something new in every month...

Graduality is an essential principle.

If you go out for walking, and you’re a beginner start 20 minutes 2-3 times per week, and increase duration by 10 % gradually to reach 40-50 minutes.

If you do weight training, progression should be gradually too.

Never too late to change and set a new goal!

Trust yourself!

Love xx

Kardos Anasztazia- ZiaFitLife

02 January 2021

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