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Change Your Thinking Change Your Life” by Brian Tracy


My story is different than usual.

I did not play sports competitively and I did not gain 20-30 kg weight then transformed my body. 

I played sports and moved for the pleasure of movement as a child and recognized my mood was how much better. Regular sports were essential in my life, I was looking for opportunities. I went to acrobatic rock and roll, Standard and Latin-American dance classes, I did workout at home regularly.

Weight training journey started at home with 8 kg dumbells made by my Dad. I have not gone often to the gym, I like to be creative and free, to do workout anytimeanywhere
As the motivation is me and I have/had goals, no need anyone to push me to do exercise but I know we are different.
I love eat but I have self-control that is why I kept fit and focused on my aims.

I started running with 5 minutes and increased duration gradually.

I think I am an example it is possible to live healthy and eat delicious food and enjoy life



You create balance in your life.  
I am blessed as I lived in Kuwait, Qatar and helped my lovely clients to live healthier, to teach them to do exercise properly and got awesome memories and new friends. 

I help you find your path, move on it, I support you but you have to take the steps.


Enjoy surf on the site! 

SPORT COACH- Aerobic - Level 3

Certified ACE PERSONAL TRAINER - Level 3 


Certified ACE Weight Management Specialist

TRX Instructor

ACCESS Bars Practitioner

ACCESS Body Practitioner

CPR - AED - First Aid


Cardio Kickboxing Instructor Training

Prenatal fitness for two Training

Loaded Movement for Golden age Training

Specializing in weight management, lifestyle modification, behavior changing based in Bournemouth, UK and online all over the world.


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