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Amy, Christchurch, UK
As someone who has been going to the gym and classes for a long time, I can honestly say Anasztazia’s classes are by far the best! She makes sure I am doing the exercises correctly with good form to prevent injury, she is supportive but also pushes me to be my best and work hard. Her classes are a great mix of functional fitness, cardio, weights and fun! I finish full of endorphins every time and highly recommend her! Thank you Anasztazia xx

Sylvia, Christchurch, UK
"Zia is a brilliant teacher. She has given me back confidence after my back operation. The class is always varied, never the same exercise twice, it is always hard work but full of fun too. Would thoroughly recommend her."

Vivienne, Christchurch, UK
Having never done Pilates until last year Iv'e really enjoyed Anastasia's classes.They are always interesting , varied and fun and she always gives us a challenge.What I particularly value is she always checks each one of us is doing the exercise correctly.You have also done wonders for my back.Thank you Anastasia

Tamas, Christchurch, UK

"Zia is the best example of professionalism and enthusiasm. Highly recommended"

Jane, Christchurch, UK

"Great workout. Anastasia introduces so much into each session and every week is different. I look forward to every class"

Debs, Cheltenham, UK

Access Bars

"I went to see Zia for an Access Bars session and it was incredible. She is so welcoming and has a lovely energy. I had never heard of this treatment before and I was really interested to find out more and experience it, following a friends recommendation. It was extraordinary. I can't begin to explain the releases and realisations that were part the process. The treatment is very gentle and you lie under a lovely warm blanket and just relax into it.
At the end of the hours session I felt rejuvenated, full of energy and very positive - not at al the state I was in at the start. If you're wanting to make some changes in your life, cut out some of the old thought processes and generally re-boot this comes highly recommended. Thank you Zia!"

Sali, Cheltenham, UK,

Access Bars

"I turned up with an open mind, not having much of a clue what this was all about. The room was all set with calm lighting and candles and I lay on the couch with a cosy blanket over me. Zia touched pressure points, mainly on my head and a bit on my feet. It felt a little similar to Reiki although it did have its own particular feeling which I assume will feel different for each individual person. I'm good at slipping into a state of relaxation because I love to meditate and am used to having hypnotherapy and other holistic treatments. Having turned up with a blocked ear and pressure headache, the first feeling I had was a sense of relief and it seemed as if Zia knew the exact places on my head to touch. At one point I felt my ear channel pop open. I allowed my mind to wander wherever it wanted to, sometimes in a state between conscious and subconscious, and almost slipping into a light sleep and dream state a few times. During this time I went from thoughts to memories, while relaxing and absorbing the healing. The healing itself at first felt like very very gentle electricity all around my body, and then as if melted wax or chocolate or honey was being poured into me and spreading around inside. It was a very welcome feeling and when it was over my ear felt clearer, my headache was completely gone and still is, and I felt exhilarated and ready to get on with the next segment of my life. I also felt thankful and connected. Trust is important and I trusted Zia from the start, knowing that only good will come from her hands and heart."

Elena, Qatar

"I would recommend Zia for her professionalism and dedication. She is optimistic and helps her clients reach their goals while taking their needs into consideration. I am very happy to have found her and doubt there is anyone like her."

Christine, Budapest , HU

"I highly recommend her because she is a supportive, motivator coach and helps me to change my lifestyle, find balance in my life. Good individual workout program, adjusted to my health condition-knee pain- nutrition guidance. Thanks Zia💕💕💕🌹"

Maria, Qatar

"A very dedicated and profesional coach with a wide and complex backgroud, very good experience and client oriented approach for reaching individual goals.
Investing passion in each session, and helos each individual to get a ballanced and healthy lifestile.
Highly recommended."

Ági, Bristol, UK

"My experience with the Ziafitlife program

About the diet:
One of the great benefits of the diet was that it put together the menu from ordinary, easily accessible ingredients. I wouldn’t have had time to search special, expensive, hard-to-find meals with an 8.5-month-old kid and my schedule.
I’m not hungry, I don’t crave for any food and want to snack, I don’t take any food supplements, diet powders, etc.
It was important that diet changes did not affect breastfeeding. There have been no negative changes in it throughout the program and beyond.
It was also an important that my husband was happy to eat the food by adding an extra garnish or meat, I didn't have to cook two menus a day .
I really liked that Zia customized the diet. In many places we can read that it is a “personalized diet” that usually does not cover reality. We discussed in advanced my favorite foods, less favorites, and “dislike” foods and Zia really put it together in my diet plan.
The long-term effect of the diet has been that I have changed our eating habits. I pay attention to the time, what, when and what I eat together. I try to avoid unnecessary refined sugars. This also means that since I love sweets and want to bake together with my little girl sooner or later, I want to learn as many healthy sweets as possible. Breakfast is no longer just a quick snack on the factory-made sugary muesli, but eating healthy, colorful and delicious food together. Breakfast became an important meal for the family. I want to keep that too.

About the workouts:
The great advantage of training is that I can do it at home. I can’t go to the gym 3 times a week. Being able to exercise at home means a lot of freedom and last but not least my little girl is all around me. I didn't have to get fitness equipment, my own weight is quite a challenge :)
It was weird at first that I didn’t have a muscle pain. With years of sports, I always felt like I was over, I had was muscular pain for days, which made me feel good. It was very strange that I was doing the way I should, the way I could, and I didn’t feel like I did workout. That must be so right, I'm not professional in it :) However, I felt the change all over my body. I started to lose fat then the pants got looser on me, my fitness condition improved. It is a completely different feeling to catch and carry a growing child:) I do workout 3 times a week, as I still have to lose weight to reach my goal . I plan to do exercise regularly.
I recommend Ziafitlife's program to everyone with a good heart, because it does not promise a miracle with miracle pills, no yoyo effect, it helps you to change your lifestyle gradually. It means a healthy diet and exercise that is absolutely compatible with even the busiest lifestyle, without strict diet."

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Zsófi, Bristol, UK

"Why have I started this program?
I had 3 really good reasons. I would've loved to learn how to eat right with someone's help because on my own I wouldn't succeed ( I gave up, yoyo effect etc.)
My main motivation was my daughter. I noticed that I carried some bad eating habits from my family/childhood. For example my mum starts her day with 3-4 mugs of black coffee and I was doing the same. I don’t want my daughter to grow up seeing this and then it will become natural to her to live this kind of lifestyle. Why should she face this later on in her life and change her routine or habits if it's so easy to eat natural, healthy and clean and do work out on regular basis if we raise her with this good attitude. 
From the other hand I am as vain as every other women in the world. I really wanted to get rid of my pregnancy belly fat and don’t forget about that I have a husband too. A sound mind in a sound body.
At the beginning of the program the first difficulty I occurred was that I spent all my day in the kitchen cooking, doing the washing up. I really hated this part of it especially I would consider myself a good housewife who cooks every day, whose kitchen is always sparkling clean. :D I needed to start from basics getting the right amount of ingredients. To be honest I had no idea how much is 100 grams of raw chicken breast or 50 grams of bulgur wheat. I got used to it after a week. I could make plans ahead, so I could go out with my friends and still don’t have to worry about my routine etc. Personally it was really hard to learn that I need to eat 5 times a day. On 3rd week I managed to cook the right amount of food for my husband too and he wasn’t starving anymore. XD 
There were some dishes I really liked and some that I only had it because it was a must ( stuck to the original diet plan) . I need to tell that I wasn’t suffering from the diet plan not even starving for a second. Sometimes I found the potions too much. 
About half term of this 28 days I was struggling a bit and I needed to really focus on my aims to not to cheat. I think it was the times when I was able to eat 5 times a day. 
Generally I can tell I have learnt how to eat, when and what. There no forbidden dish, you just need to get the right food ( using the right ingredients) and eat the right amount on right time.  My eating habits have been completely changed in a positive way.
About working out sessions I can only tell good stuff. They were not easy at all but I could tell from one occasion to another that I was improving and achieving and working out became a lot easier for me. Thanks to Zia 
All together that 28 days was a really positive experience in my life. I am getting a lot positive feedback. I can fit into my old jeans again and when I saw my before-after pictures I did realise that it  absolutely worth it and I don’t want to stop now."

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