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What is the personal training?

As the name shows, it is a customized program according to your health, fitness level and fitness goal.

If a coach would like to start a personal training program without these, leave him/her.


Our work starts with initial consultation, then if needed assessment- it shows where you are now-  after this the realist goal setting.

I formulate your personalized workout plan.

Long term, lifelong results can be achieved by changing lifestyle, following the principle of graduality as it takes time to integrate new habits into your life and accept them. Be patient because you have not reached this fitness condition in a month, even in years or even decades so changing will take time.  

Personal training sessions are 60 minutes long including warm-up, main part and stretching. Warm-up and stretching, are both essential elements when we talk about health and prevention. You will get information about proper exercise technique- with demonstration- which muscle groups are working on. As you perform the exercises, you will receive feedback on how to perform them correctly.


In addition to these providing information about:

- Principles of healthy nutrition, food preparation

- Essential nutrients needed by the body

- Set your nutrition according to your lifestyle

Continuous motivation, easier together!

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