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Consistency of lifestyle

What does it mean the consistency of lifestyle? Describe yours and I explain mine now. I am 17 years old in the first photo and 44 years old in the second one. This is what I call consistency of lifestyle, my consciousness level was not on the same level as now but was strong enough to not gain lots of weight, and I already recognized that exercise has mental benefits too, not just physically.

I know, some of you say, it is easy for me because I am a coach, this is my job, many times I heard that and I was just surprised that how people try to find excuses why they look out how they are. No, it is not because I am a fitness coach, it is because I chose it, actually, I worked in other industries too such as hospitality or I worked in the office too, factory, I worked in a varied shift but I always did some exercise and paid attention to the food portion. No secret, no magic pills or tea. I see many people try a strict diet and then when they eat and live in the same way they did before they gain weight more than they lost, their self-esteem, self-confidence level is under the bed, they are frustrated, disappointed and I understand them.

You have to understand that this is a lifestyle, which means a set of habits, not temporary stuff, not just food or just doing exercise, it starts a mindset, your beliefs. In my point of view, prevention is very important, however, if you already reached that point you have not wanted, never too late to change. I think one of the most common excuses is that I am too old, after 40 it is normal....etc I do not say, be like the 20s just be the best as you can and when you realize how health is so important, and it is not like just outfit, you are sexy or no but it is quality of life, daily activities should be easy and fun not pain and challenge. Your choice, your life.

What can I do for you? I help you to figure out your personal and wellness issues, light on the obstacles and create a sustainable change by developing a strategy to integrate into your life new habits. It is not simply personal training, this is a coaching program, yours.

If you choose yourself, who lives a joyful, energetic life, who manages stress, who has me time, who lives in a balance, feel free to contact me, I am happy to support you through the journey.

Love xx

Anasztazia Kardos- Zia

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