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Abusive Relationship

Most people think abusive relationships are related to family (parent-kids) and partner relationships only. I would like to talk about an abusive relationship with ourself and usually it isn't recognized but the good news is it possible to identify behavior and change it with a conscious attitude.

To live in an abusive relationship with ourself is destroying, noxious. What do I mean exactly? Emotional abuse such as criticism, mockery. In my point of view to talk about this is so important as we are responsible for our life, how we care ourself, how we think about ourself and don't pass the responsibility to others, stop looking for a scapegoat and use as a reason our past experience, patterns, we have a choice, we can choose something else, it is possible and worth doing.

Let see some examples, what thoughts can hurt us:

Oh, Gosh I'm lame, I can't park here.

I look like a stuffed pigeon in this dress, I'm ridiculous.

Hehe, you're a stupid, did you think she/he likes you? Are you serious? Did you really believe what she/he was saying?

My voice is like a screaming seal, I don't even want to hear it.

How I could have been naive again that I thought he would help me, I'm so unlucky.

On God, I smashed the plates again, I'm an accused blunderer.

I'm not good at..... neither.

I don't wanna speak in public, I was upset last time, it was awful.

I don't do that, it was not successful the other time, I'm clumsy.

Do you really think you can achieve it? You're not good enough.

What is the common message from all statements?

I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH pfffffffffff yeah, we integrated into our beliefs from re