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Write down

I do write down my thoughts and feelings- name an emotion, a physical sensation- not every day however sometimes yes :D but from time to time and it helps a lot. What about you?

  • When you write down your emotions and thoughts even if you're sad or angry, it reduces your stress level, similar to telling your story to someone but no one will judge you or give a reaction just you let it out which creates pressure inside.

  • It gives a clear picture of what hurts you from the past, what was traumatic for you and it shows why you do something or not. It can be painful but this is normal, we need to identify what our obstacles in life are. Otherwise, how can we develop, change and move forward?!

Remember, stop judging yourself, step back and look at the situation from the outside, no need to be stuck in the situation, to be a victim in all life. Release related feelings, use the technique which is the best for you, or combine them just do it.

Let's see some questions:

What is stopping you?

What makes this hard to get done?

What do you need that you don't have to reach your goal?

What goes on inside you when you think of that situation or doing that...?

Where do you feel pressure or strain, or stress around this situation?

Does that make sense? Does not matter how people behaved with you, or treated you in the past - I know it's easier to say than feel it... but you can, you are strong and see how unique you are, see your values!!

  • It also gives a clear picture of the present, what do you feel, are you satisfied, are you happy or sad, if you are sad what is the reason, do you miss something or someone, what should you do to get it... Again name an emotion, a physical sensation.

Look at your life, each part of it, career, relationship -including friends, work.- hobby, passion, Do you have work-life balance in your life? What do you want from your heart, YOU, not your parents, friends. Your life, live it!

  • Write down how you feel about a person, can be your friend, dude whoever when you feel something changed, you recognize it is not the same as it was and now it frustrates you, let's ask again, what changed and what frustrates you exactly. When you recognize that your reaction is different than before, ask What led you to respond in that way? Walk you through the reasoning behind it. Remember all answers within you!

  • It gives a picture of the future too, if you are willing to be conscious, if you have goals, make a list, if you do not have goals let's ask yourself e.g. What makes me happy? What can I do with full enthusiasm? What should I do to live a joyful life? What is my action step to achieve this/that...?

How often should you do this? It's up to you, no strict rule, you feel it, just listen to yourself.

Remember to be grateful for what you have, make notes about why you have a good life, write them down. Focus on what you have, the energy of gratitude is a positive vibe.

I wish you joyful days :)

Remember, writing is one of the great tools that you can use it anytime.

Love xx

Anasztazia Kardos- Zia

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