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Fears and Braveness

What would be possible to achieve in your life when you let your fears to be with you while you are move on?

What is fear?

Fear is one of the most basic human emotions. Fear can be mild, medium or intense depending on the situation and the person.

I would like to talk about fears related to changes. Everyone has fears, fears to leave the job, accept the other opportunity or move abroad or break your bad relationship or just say your opinion to someone who's dominant personality or say no becuase you don't have time and so on. Everyone has own life, tasks, situations which can challenge us but we need to remember we have enough power to solve all things and we are not alone just go and ask help if necessary.

What is the meaning braveness?

A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear.

So braveness does not mean person without fears, means person who is enables to face with fears.


The difference between people some of them never give up and some of them give more power to fears instead of braveness.

Do you remember during childhood we explored the world without fears with lots of beliefs, we did not think what will happen in the future, we played what we have, we lived in the moment. We were brave, tried new things, went to new places then we learnt to feel fears.

How many times you heard do not climb on you will fall down, do not go too close, it is dangerous, you cannot do that..etc I think everyone has this experience in their life…

One of the most common fears what people -my parents, sister, friend ...etc- say if I do this or that? Do they judge me if I leave my job or would not like to finish that school or just say no because I have a program....

The other one is, am I enough good? Have I enough knowledge? What happen if I fail?

When you have doubt about your skills, you do not have strong self-confidence. Unfortunately many people do not move on because fear of failure.